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How to use face mist tan?

Many people are tired of the same skin tone and texture. They want something exciting to happen with their skin so that it looks glamorous and refreshing by adding some colors giving them a natural look. They have heard about hair extensions Birmingham city centre and it sprays tan mist on the face, but they are afraid of using it. It is an art of applying the face mist tan properly over the face and body as well. It is necessary to use the spray tan mist for face properly to have a fine and glossy look otherwise you will not look good and the face tan mist will be ruined. The best way is to visit hair extensions Birmingham city centre to have spray tan mist for face or body but if it is not available near you, try it yourself.

How to use face mist tan?

You need to follow each step efficiently one by one so that you can get the skin you are expecting and willing to have after spending a cost on purchasing the face mist tan.

First, wash your face

Our skin is not always clean due to the presence of dust particles around us and its natural oil-producing ability. So, for the very first step, you need to wash your face with a face wash you use daily for your face washing. Be careful of choosing face wash according to your skin as it can have good or bad effects on your skin. Pour two drops of face wash on your palm, run them gently on your face, and wash it out with fresh water.

Do scrubbing to make your skin flawless

You have removed the dust and surface oil of the skin by washing it with a face wash liquid. If you have not cleansed your face properly by using the cleanser and scrubber, you must go for it before using the spray tan mist for face. It is necessary to remove the blackheads or white heads from the pores of your skin and make it clean for a flawless look. Otherwise, face mist tan will look odd on your face and you will not have a refreshing and balanced skin tone.

Choose face mist according to your skin type

As we all do have different face skin complexions either dark or light and sometimes normal colors. Sometimes, we are looking to maintain our skin complexion and sometimes, we are looking for a way to change or transform our skin complexion to have a different look. So, depending upon your choice and need choose the best face mist tan color from hair extensions Birmingham city center.

Apply it to your face or any other part of your body

Now, it is time to apply it over your cleansed scrubbed, flawless skin. For applying the face mist tan, take the bottle, shake it, and spray it 2 to 3 times clockwise. It will help you to develop even skin tone.

Do apply another layer if you feel the need

If you feel the mist tan you have applied is not with coverage, do apply it once more with the same clockwise procedure and enjoy this look for 6 to 8 hours.


You can apply face mist tan by cleansing your face, then scrubbing it, and then applying the mist tan properly by moving the spray bottle clockwise.